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Exceptions to the Salesforce CPQ Price Waterfall – Part 1 – Calculation of the Additional Discount Last

Calculation Sequence of Salesforce CPQ Price Waterfall The standard calculation sequence of Salesforce CPQ Price Waterfall is as follows: List Price->Regular Price->Customer Price->Partner Price-> Distributor Price->Net Price Customer price is calculated third in the sequence and is derived by deducting Additional discount from the Regular price. If you want to

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Salesforce CPQ Price Waterfall – Part 3 Effect on the Net price with Types of Additional Discounts

Additional Discounts: Play an incredibly significant role in Salesforce CPQ. Additional discounts which can be entered by the sales users while creating the quote. They are different from system discounts. Customer price is found when Additional discounts are deducted from the regular price in CPQ price waterfall. If there is

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